"BREATHE" is accredited with Open Awards to enhance the health and wellbeing of the local people in St. Helens. At the end of the course the individuals will have gained a level 1 qualification and have been taught the skills based on CBT techniques and knowledge needed to be able to move forward and make positive choices in their lives.


The BREATHE Programme is a free 8 week course aimed primarily at those aged over 18. Classes run for 3 hours once a week on a Monday and Tuesday to equate for approximately 24 hours of learning.

The course is taught at the Hope Centre's main location, within a small group of 10 learners as we believe strongly in delivering in a safe and comfortable environment. Extra support is available if required. 


What our course tool kit includes:


  • Positive Self-Esteem and Confidence - Perfect for those who need a little or a lot more confidence.


From this course we aim to understand what confidence is and where it comes from. How external influences affect self-esteem and confidence. The pace of this session is set to suit the learner. Identifying fears and working to overcome them. Learning and practicing confidence,self-esteem building techniques and how to manage and cope in difficult/long-term situations. We also work on how to exercise the mind.


  • Ambition: Goal Setting Toolkit Session - This part of the course is an extension of the Positive Self-Esteem and Confidence.


The aim of these sessions is to provide our learners with the practical and personal applications of setting and achieving their own personal goals.

From this course we aim to identify, relevant opportunities, sources of help and information and any contributing factors that may impact on personal progress. We learn what self-awareness is and an understanding of current situations. We also work to formulate ideas for possible goals and explaining how this relates to personal achievements. Finally, we construct a comprehensive action plan to assist in achieving goals in their everyday lives.


  • Assertiveness Toolkit Session - This part of the course is an extension of the Positive Self-Esteem and Confidence.


The aim of these sessions is to build effective communication skills resulting in the learner be confident in expressing themselves, respond to others and gain a positive outcome.

From this course we aim to understand what assertiveness is and where its purpose and how to choose the right assertive approach when affected by others. We look at identifying different behaviour types and how to deal with aggressive and abusive people. We also teach how to give and receive compliments and how say "no" assertively to achieve the required outcome. Furthermore, we learn and practice assertive techniques in all types of situations.




We understand that men may feel more comfortable participating in an all male environment which is why BREATHE classes have been segmented between genders. This course is the only accredited confidence course within St. Helens which is targeted specifically for males and females aged over 18 with mild and moderate mental health. Our course aims to increase; confidence, self esteem and motivation in a non judgemental environment.

From our most recent course, which included 8 learners, we now have 2 individuals applying for further courses, 3 whom want to start volunteering and 2 individuals that are now work ready.


"When I first started I was apprehensive about the course and wondered how it would really benefit me. Once I attended the first class, my anxiety went down, I discovered the other attendees were nice and friendly and the teacher was easy to talk to and trust. I was a little concerned initially about the course content and whether t was going to have a positive effect but I persevered and found that each week was something to look forward to. The course gave me motivation to wake up early on that specific day which was one of the best in terms of how I felt, my energy, my alertness and my social skills. At the end I felt more comfortable speaking in front of strangers and can actually think about the future positively." - Breathe Course Learner



If interested in attending this course, please call Sarah or Lauren at The Hope Centre 01744 26414 to arrange a centre induction.


At The Hope Centre, we know the importance of staying in touch with our learners old and new.


BREATHE Social Group


For those who have completed the Breathe Course, learners can access an ongoing weekly support group on a Tuesday between 1:30pm to 3:00pm to practice their new found skills and increase social activity. Held in the Horizon Café, inside our main location, we offer free refreshments, tea or coffee between 2:00pm to 3:00pm for all those who attend.  The social group offers, a safe and friendly environment to talk to likeminded people with the opportunity to continue personal developments.


Hope Line


Hope Line is a friendly outgoing telephone service, which aims to offer regular contact from one of our trained befrienders. Each call can consist of a heart-warming and encouraging chat or be an opportunity to receive information regarding courses taking place at The Hope Centre. Not only does this give a chance for our learners to learn something new, but it also helps with their social needs as quite often, simply meeting new people can make a big difference in somebody's life.





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