At The Hope Centre, we recognize that each person comes with unique needs and the Gateway service is how we effectively ensure that each individual who is referred to us is provided an opportunity to get the support they need.


The Gateway operates as our first engagement with an individual who is looking to access one of our projects, e.g. BREATHE programme or IT courses. From this first meeting within the Hope Centre building, together a member of staff will have an informal, confidential and relaxed discussion with the individual to identify how they can overcome their own personal barriers.

There is an Assessment of Needs, which is completed by the individual via a short survey so that we can gain a deeper understanding of their current situation and wellbeing. This survey helps to highlight whether they are suitable for the project that they wish to access, or if there are any other additional signposting's that need to be made with relevant partner agencies to receive support beyond our own facilities.


With the Assessment of Needs completed, together a plan of action can be made with short term goals and long term goals to help the individual to make their own journey to meet their own needs and as a result, the gateway services are always learner focused with their needs and capabilities put foremost.


Referrals onto the gateway are obtained via, our partners, GP referral, Job Centre Referral or Self Referral.

If you are interested in our services and would like to make a self referral, telephone or email using the contact us form asking for an appointment with Lauren or Beryl.


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