St Helens Foodbank began in 2012, linking in with The Trussell Trust’s UK-wide foodbank network.


Today in St Helens there are families struggling to put food on the table. For people on low incomes, a sudden crisis such as, redundancy, benefit delay or even an unexpected bill can result in going hungry.

Every day people in our local community, St. Helens, are forced to choose between paying the rent and eating while parents skip meals to feed their children. These situations can often lead to increased stress and depression, however many people mention that they feel relieved and grateful after using our services.


St Helens Foodbank provides emergency food, enough for three days, through a voucher only system. These vouchers are provided by support agencies across the town who are working to support people out of the crisis. Four hubs, based in different locations throughout St. Helens, open their doors Monday to Saturday to organise donated food and pack it ready for those who are in need. Our volunteers who run the hubs will take time to listen to any specific requests and signpost people to gain any additional support in line with their original referral agency.


“St. Helens is not the richest of towns, but this town has the biggest heart.”  -  Sarah McDonagh (Hope Centre Training Team)


The Foodbank relies on the generosity of the local community, collecting non-perishable food that is donated by a wide-ranging variety of sources, including individuals, businesses, schools and local churches.


We run a mailing list of our weekly needed items.

This week we are desperately short of Jars of Pasta Sauces, Tinned Fish and Tinned Rice Pudding and Longlife juice.


While donating food is one method of helping St. Helens Foodbank, our work relies on volunteers, if this sounds like an opportunity that you would like to take part within, visit our volunteering page.


More information can be found here - or contact 01744 26414 and ask for the Foodbank.




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