Baby Basics is a part of a franchise scheme which originally started in Sheffield. Baby Basics in St. Helens started in April 2015 as part of a franchise scheme, Baby Basics

We saw expecting mothers coming to use our Foodbank services, and we wanted to also support their needs as we understand that being a new mother can be tough.


The Hope Centre believes that all babies should share an equal start in life, and this belief of equality spreads out towards all of the projects that we carry out. Baby Basics provides essential items to mothers and their families who are unable to fully prepare these items themselves as motherhood is looming.

We choose to pack Moses Baskets, which are easy to transport and can be used as a bed, full of vital items for new born babies. These items are such as baby clothing, sheets, blankets and towels. We also include toiletry items, e.g. Shampoo for mum as it is important for mothers to feel loved and not forgotten during this time.   By creating baskets that are well-presented with good quality, cleaned and ironed donated clothing, we aim for mums to feel loved, valued by the local community and to cherish their babies. Our first basket was sent out June 2015 and as of June 2016 we have sent out 50 baskets in total.



We value working in seven different partnership, with referrals to the project made through family nurses, health visitors and other professional groups who provide extra support to new mums. A referral form is sent to us by these agencies and we pack the baskets with items donated by the public. We take pride in good quality clothes, and we also accept clothes being used.


For more information on what donations we current need, please visit our donation lists page.

We run with our project leader, Inita and five volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, with volunteering or donations then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..