I first came to the Hope Centre in July, my depression and anxiety were taking over my life and I’d heard that the Breathe Programme could help me.

I attended the first session of the Breathe and couldn’t attend the second as my anxieties got the better of me.

I then returned to the Breathe JCP as the Job Centre felt it would be good for me as I had been on ESA for so long. I wasn’t looking forward to the group but came anyway as I didn’t want to get into trouble with the JCP. I really enjoyed the group, the people were really nice they made me feel at ease right away. The tutor was the best! She helped me to appreciate myself for who I am and not to worry about what other people think about me. I was shown some great coping techniques to help me when I feel anxious and she even took me to the gym so I could see if I liked it.

I am now happy to say that I feel like myself again! I went to a charity shop to ask for voluntary work which was a huge step for me, unfortunately I won’t be able to work there as I have got myself a paying job. I’m now working at Warrington Hospital in the catering department. I can’t believe how far I have come in 9 weeks!

If it wasn’t for Hope I would still be in the position I was in before I attended the Breathe Programme, I wouldn’t have a job for feel good about myself.


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