Since the loss of my husband my life has been very dark, I went from being very outgoing and full of life to being very withdrawn and isolating myself.

I felt like a failure, not only to my husband for not being able to make him better but also to my daughters who had to take time out of their lives to care for me as I could no longer leave my home on my own for fear of having to communicate with people and having panic attacks. Being so nervous around other people meant that I stuttered a lot, I would feel so embarrassed that I stopped speaking to anyone other than my close family. I lost who I was and couldn’t find myself again. I felt worthless, insecure, depressed and isolated.

When I attended the Breathe Programme I was so scared and anxious, it was a large group mostly consisting of men so I was really anxious.

The tutor was able to put me at ease, after the first session I felt worried that I would be confronting emotions which I was not ready to face but the tutor had said she would be there to support me so I continued attending. I found the course to be very informative, On one particular session I couldn’t stop smiling as I spoke about how I had been able to pick my grandchildren up from school on my own, I had even been shopping on my own, the other people in the session were genuinely so happy for me, I felt like I had gained so much. I am now feeling more confident and believe in myself so much so that I am now wanting to go back to college something good to look forward to.


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