I was referred to the Hope Centre by my Job Coach, he advised that the Breathe Course would be able to help me as I suffer with Depression and anxiety.

I had been having problems with my depression and anxiety for a long time however, once I was made redundant from my work I became angry and found it hard to control my anger issues. I had problems with drugs and alcohol in the past, I found life easier to deal with at this point as they seemed to dull my emotions. Since coming off them having all the emotion and no outlet meant that I was angry all the time.

When my father in law lost his legs and my brother died I took a turn for the worst and had no where to turn, I couldn’t talk to anyone not even my family as I was the strong one, I was the one who had to take care of them! Not being able to provide for them and not being able to talk to them took its toll, we were arguing all the time, I lost control of my temper…life was not good.

I didn’t believe that Kelly or the Breathe programme could help me but I decided to go anyway just to keep the Job Centre off my back, how wrong I was.

Kelly understood and reassured me, she taught me that being able to talk to people, to my family would help me. I started talking within the group which is something I had never done before, within four weeks I had spoken to my family and friends about my feelings and felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was no longer focused on the dark, I was beginning to see the light again. Kelly showed me coping techniques to deal with my anxieties which also helped me. I began to feel like a new man. When I finally felt more comfortable about facing the loss of my brother, Kelly was there for me, she told me what I was feeling was perfectly natural, she listened to everything and didn’t judge me, then she told me that death is not something you ‘get over’, it’s something you come to terms with and learn how to live again. This clicked with me and has helped me to move forward.

Because of the Breathe programme I have begun to believe in myself, I went for an interview and got the job right away. I can provide for my family again and it’s all became of the Hope Centre, the Breathe Programme and Kelly.


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