I was referred to the Hope Centre in October of 2014 by Making Space. I was in a dark place. I had moved up from my home town in Oxfordshire just over a year ago, due to financial troubles, on top of other personal issues, and I was diagnosed with depression earlier that year.

I never wanted to leave my bedroom or socialise with anyone outside of the two people I was comfortable with.

Coming to the Hope Centre was a huge step for me, and to be honest, I didn’t really want to go at first. But, when I came on the Breathe Programme in November 2014, I found that my fears about coming here were soon put to rest. The tutor (Claire) was more than helpful, and it really felt like she actually listened to you, and catered for your needs, all while managing a group of like-minded people with different needs. She didn’t just tell me what I needed to hear, she encouraged me to take steps forward and push myself to being the person I knew that I was.

It was this course, coupled with being asked to volunteer as Student Support in future classes, which inspired me to be more helpful and outgoing towards other people. I felt like I had a purpose again, and I was pretty good at it too. I mean, I knew that I was always helpful towards other people, but this opportunity gave me the chance to prove just how capable I could be. Even after Claire left, I continued to help out here at the Hope Centre because it not only gave me a sense of self fulfilment, I felt like I was helping out people who were in the situation I was in, and helping make their troubled times that little bit easier. When the opportunity came up to start working for the Hope Centre, I jumped at the chance. I’m proud to be a part of the team now and I feel like we can achieve great things.


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